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The latest additions to our range of beads, findings and threads will be listed here.

nebula turquoise blue

New colours in Miniduo beads


2.5mm Milky Amethyst Celsian

23 New colours in 2.5mm Fire Polished.


DB 2133 Opaque Duracoat Azure

Miyuki Delicas in Opaque Duracoat colours


gilly travelling beading tray by silaba, 8" x 5" mini floral teal

A travel version of our Silaba Deluxe beading trays is now available


one g beading thread 250 yard reel

One G Beading Thread is now available in 250 Yard reels


mint green oneg thread

10 new colours in OneG thread


matt purple iris 4mm fire polished

New Low Prices on Fire Polished beads

3mm are now 90p for 50

4mm are now £1 for 50


toho 11/0 Semi Glazed Rainbow Lavender 2638F


toho 15/0 Semi Glazed Rainbow Soft Blue 2636F


3mm fire polished, saturated fuschia

New Colours in 3mm Fire Polished beads

Polychrome Copper Rose

Saturated Fuschia


4mm fire polished beads, polychrome copper rose

New Colours in 4mm Fire Polished beads

Polychrome Copper Rose

Saturated Fuschia

Opaque Amethyst Lustre


4mm czech round glass druk beads, pink topaz turquoise lustre

New Colours in 4mm Round beads

Pink Topaz Turquoise Lustre

Ruby Iris Lustre


pastel lilac

True 2mm Fire Polished Beads - 34 beautiful colours


matt metallic flax 2.5mm czech fire polished beads

2.5mm Fire Polished Beads - 31 beautiful colours


persian blue 2mm preciosa pearls

Lots of new colours in 2mm Czech Glass Pearls - 34 are now available


6/0 seed beads, wheatberry

Czech Seed Bead Hanks are now available in size 6/0


size 11/0 Czech seed bead hanks, Dark Bronze

Czech Seed Bead Hanks are now available in two metallic finishes.


swarovski 6000 teradrop crystal blue shade

Swarovski 6000 Teardrop, available in 13mm and 15mm


2mm preciosa glass pearls burgundy

Czech Glass Pearls are now available in 2mm


pastel light sapphire

New Colours in Miniduo Beads






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