11/0 Miyuki Delica Beads Pinks

7.2 grams contains approximately 1450 beads, although this varies depending on the finish of the bead

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DB 1452 Silver Lined Pale Peach Opal
DB 1535 Opaque Pink Champagne Ceylon

7.2g for £3

miyuki delicas db1452 silver lined blush

7.2g for £3

db1535 opaque pink champagne ceylon


DB 1457 Silver Lined Pale Rose Opal
DB 234 Lined Crystal Pale Salmon

7.2g for £3

11/0 delica db 1457 silver lined petunia

7.2g for £2.40

db234 ceylon lined pink lemonade 11/0


DB 256 Lined Crystal Taupe
DB 158 Opaque Lilac AB

7.2g for £2.70

db 256 ceylon lined blush

7.2g for £2.40

11/0 db158 opaque rainbow lavender cream


DB 379 Matt Metallic Old Rose
DB 355 Opaque Matt Rose

7.2g for £4.50

db379 opaque matt lustre rose

7.2g for £3

db355 opaque matt lustre light rose


DB 244 Lined Crystal Light Pink
DB 2115 Opaque Duracoat Guava

7.2g for £2.40

db244 ceylon lined cotton candy size 11

7.2g for £3.70

DB 2115 Opaque Duracoat Guava


DB 246 Lined Crystal Dark Pink
DB 245 Lined Crystal Medium Pink

7.2g for £2.80

db 246 ceylon lined neon pink

7.2g for £2.40

db245 ceylon lined bubblegum


DB 247 Lined Crystal Fuschia
DB 1310 Transparent Fuschia

7.2g for £2.80

db 247 ceylon lined raspberry miyuki delica beads 11/0

7.2g for £2.50

db1310 transparent hot pink


DB 902 Sparkling Rose Lined Crystal
DB 236 Lined Crystal Rose

7.2g for £2.70

db 902 colour lined hot pink

7.2g for £2.40

db236 ceylon lined raspberry ice size 11 delica


DB 2137 Opaque Duracoat Hydrangea
DB 2118 Opaque Duracoat Pansy

7.2g for £3.70

DB 2137 Opaque Duracoat Hydrangea

7.2g for £3.70

DB 2118 Opaque Duracoat Hydrangea


DB 253 Pink Lustre Opaque Mauve
DB 1745 Sparkling Antique Rose Lined Crystal AB

7.2g for £3.90

db253 opaque lustre rose

7.2g for £2.80

db1745 11/0 delica beads sparkling antique rose lined crystal ab


DB 1848 Galvanised Duracoat Orchid
DB 281 Lined Pale Blue Magenta

7.2g for £5

delica beads DB 1848 Galvanised Duracoat Orchid

7.2g for £2.80

db281 magenta lined pale blue


DB 73 Lined Lilac AB
7.2g for £2.40
db73 delica beads lined lilac ab

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