11/0 Miyuki Delica Beads Crystal, Silver, Grey and Black

7.2 grams contains approximately 1450 beads, although this varies depending on the finish of the bead

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DB 351 Matt White
DB 201 White Pearl

7.2g for £3.10

db351 size 11/0 matt white

7.2g for £2.60

db201 opaque lustre pearl


DB 109 Cream Crystal AB
DB 51 Crystal AB

7.2g for £2.70

miyuki delica beads 11/0 db109 transparent lustre rainbow crystal

7.2g for £2.80

db 51 miyuki delica beads 11/0 crystal ab


DB 1530 Opaque Bisque White Ceylon
DB 41 Silver Lined Crystal

7.2g for £3.20

db1530 opaque lustre white

7.2g for £3.20

db41 silver lined crystal


DB 1451 Silver Lined Pale Cream Opal
DB 271 Galvanised Crystal

7.2g for £3

db1451 silver lined ivory

7.2g for £2.80

delica db 271 galvanised crystal


DB 1831 Galvanised Duracoat Silver
DB 1538 Opaque Light Smoke Ceylon

7.2g for £5

delica beads db1831 galvanised duracoat silver

7.2g for £2.50

11/0 miyuki delicas db 1538 opaque lustre grey


DB 209 Opaque Light Grey Lustre
DB 252 Ceylon Grey

7.2g for £2.90

db209 opaque lustre linen

7.2g for £4.40

db252 ceylon grey


DB 242 Lined Crystal Grey
DB 21 Steel

7.2g for £2.40

db242 ceylon lined silver grey

7.2g for £4.90

DB 21 Steel


DB 179 Transparent Light Grey AB
DB 321 Matt Metallic Silver

7.2g for £2.40

db 179 transparent light grey ab

7.2g for £5.60

miyuki delica 11/0 beads DB 321 Matt Metallic Silver


DB 111 Transparent Grey Lustre AB
DB 1455 Silver Lined Light Smoke Opal

7.2g for £3.40

db111 transparent grey lustre ab

7.2g for £3

db1455 silver lined periwinkle


DB 630 Silver Lined Light Taupe Alabaster
DB 48 Silver Lined Grey

7.2g for £3

db630 silver lined grey

7.2g for £3

db48 silver lined dark silver


DB 268 Opaque Smoke Lustre
DB 307 Matt Metallic Silver Grey

7.2g for £2.70

db268 opaque lustre dark pewter

7.2g for £3

miyuki delica beads 11/0 db307 matt rainbow medium grey


DB 301 Matt Blue Grey
DB 306 Matt Dark Grey

7.2g for £2.70

db301 matt metallic lustre grey

7.2g for £2.70

db306 matt lustre dark grey


DB 871 Matt Opaque Grey AB
DB 1 Gunmetal

7.2g for £2.50

db871 matt rainbow black miyuki delica beads size 11/0

7.2g for £2.60

miyuki delica 11/0 db1 black


DB 5 Rainbow Black
DB 6 Gunmetal Iris

7.2g for £2.40

db5 rainbow black

7.2g for £2.40

db6 iris gunmetal 11/0


DB 310 Matt Black
DB 10 Black

7.2g for £2.80

miyuki delica beads db310 matt balck

7.2g for £2.60

db10 black

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